Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Animal Collective, "Peacebone"

A lot of you may not like this song. However, it's important for you to realize that that doesn't mean it's a bad song... it just means you don't "get it."

Anyway, it's the first "real" video from the upcoming Animal Collective album "Strawberry Jam." I can't wait for it to be released. However, despite my anticipation, the record company probably won't release it any earlier, just to be nice to me.

Anyway, this video features a love story between a girl with some "mouth" issues and a space alien. They go to a carnival, engage in some high-school type pranks, hook up, get caught by the cops and then blast off to space together.

If you don't cry when you watch this beautiful story unfold, you're one cold fucker.

Find a new Animal Collective mp3, at I Guess I'm Floating. The guy who runs that blog, incidentally, has almost my exact musical taste.

NOTE: Tonight my daughter should go to sleep early. That raises the probability of me writing a non-stock market related post later tonight.

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