Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Weekend Blogger

That is correct, we have a weekend blogger. A cryptic fellow who goes by the name of "bloggerdotcom."

He poses the question: How do you make money when Fidel Castro finally kicks the government-issued bucket?

Please be sure to check in.



JJ2000426 said...
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Dinosaur Trader said...


A "weekend blogger" is one who blogs on the weekend.

A "spammer" or more specifically in your case a "blog spammer" is defined here.

Seriously JJ, I welcome comments here. But this relentless pumping of a single stock (which IMO looks like complete HELL on it's graph) is annoying. I have to wonder what your motivations are and I've concluded they can't be good.

Move on or make your commenting relevant.

Thanks, DT

Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

Lets try my comment again - DT - how do we stop people like JJ from pumpimg?