Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Virtual Office, $2156. Dow, -151.77, 13498.55.

Misstrade, $4033 on 5000 shares traded.
HPT, $2025 on 72 contracts traded.
Bubs, $159 on 1200 shares traded.
Evolution, $21 on 22,500 shares traded.
Denarii, no trades.
OBAT, -$305 on 8400 shares traded.
Me, -$3900 on 13,800 shares traded.

A pretty good day for most of the office today with one explosive exception.

The market itself got smoked today but that didn't stop Misstrade and HPT from putting up some excellent numbers. And Bubs, our new member, got off to a green start here in the VO.

Evolution and Denarii were flat while OBAT had some trouble. OBAT may still be on vacation!

As for me, well, I pretty much had the perfect blowup. Break your rules, pay the price.

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