Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Virtual Office, $1509. Dow, +76.49, 13578.19.

HPT, $1143 on 64 contracts.
Bubs, $508 on 700 shares traded.
Evolution, $336 on 45,700 shares traded.
OBAT, $79 on 1600 shares traded.
Me, no trades
Denarii, -$557 on 3600 shares traded.

Well it was a solid day for the VO and also a pretty decent rebound day for the market in general.

Although, it should be noted that while the market bounced, the volume was lighter than yesterday's above average downside action. If you read the IBD you know they are always repeating the mantra that you want to see rallys in high volume and pullbacks in low volume. However, they also always say that price action comes first.

So, take the bounce for what it is, a pretty good bounce.

Back to the VO. HPT is showing great resilience after a tough defeat not long ago. It's always great to see a trader bounce back nicely after a big loss. I'm hoping to learn something from his strength here. And Bubs had his second strong day in the VO. Bubs, I tell you, go scoping for girls tonight.

Anyway, my daughter just woke from a nap and I picked her up to find that she urinated while sleeping and my shoulder is currently soaked with pee. Keeping with this theme, Mrs. Dinosaur has written a post on excrement which I will be posting this evening in lieu of my daily post (since I didn't trade).

I hope you enjoy it.

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