Saturday, July 28, 2007

bloggerdotcom introduction

Greetings, blog readers!

Just wanted to give a small introduction before my very first blog post.

But before that I must give DT props for giving me the floor this weekend as a guest blogger - and congratulate him on a huge performance during this past week! Great job and continued success!

I used to daytrade and work on "the Street" but now I work from home (in another industry) and mainly swing trade. I follow the market on a daily basis and get cranky if my time watching the close is somehow interrupted.

I enjoy doing research on potential investments and actually think forensic accounting and the SEC website are very exciting. When I do research I try to find companies that aren't in the spotlight, that for some reason aren't paid much attention as I try to profit from a relative value gap. My idea is to get in before others "find out" what a gem XYZ company actually is....

So I found a couple recently that I've decided to share with you - one today and one tomorrow.

Feel free to leave comments and thanks for reading!


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Dinosaur Trader said...


I might add that B.D.C gave me notice of TNH when it was trading $18 a share because he did the research and realized that what they sell directly boosts corn crops... with the ethanol boom, it was a slam dunk. And, I missed it... sigh.