Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Indexes Flatlining

After a crazy morning of trade, the market has quieted down here in the middle of the day.

Lots of stocks moved early... the solars, the fertilizers, the oils.... MVIS.

Anyway, I'm basically on the sidelines right now, watching and waiting.

I'd say a bounce back to flat would be nice, but I'm not hopeful as the internals are ugly here. Still, volatility entering the market is a good thing if you like to trade. If the market wants to go to 14,000 again I'm good with that. If it wants to go to 12,000 I'm okay with that too.

The rest of the week could be interesting. Loads of earnings (which I'll list here) and also a few important economic releases. Should be an exciting end to July just in time for the market to really suck in August.

And for the weekend, a probable "weekend blogger"! That's right. We're just setting up the terms of the deal. I'm offering him millions of Dinosaur Trader shares. I mean it's only a matter of time before ABC buys this site.

Of course, with a float of 64 billion, a few million Dinosaur Trader shares won't be worth much, but still, it's something.

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