Friday, July 27, 2007

CNBC Is Scary

As if the market wasn't messed up enough in it's own right, CNBC had to pull out all the stops and go to the White House today.

I had the TV on mute, so I can't tell you what they said. But I'll briefly explain what I saw.

First, a headline at the bottom of the screen with the words, "Breaking News" and President Bush, all furrowed brow and moving hands, snickering. That was bad.

Then, minutes later, Dylan Ratigan sitting with the entire Bush "economic team". YIKES! I mean, nothing says, "Get the fuck out of the market right now" like the White House feeling the need to get idiot reporters to tell everyone it's going to be "okay."

CNBC did air one decent segment today that included Joe Kernen bashing Mark Haines for calling a "trading bottom" when the market was down 70 points yesterday... that was good.

I guess I wasn't the only one who noticed!

NOTE: Notice the new label.

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