Friday, June 22, 2007

Virtual Office, $3253. Dow, -185.58, 13360.26.

Me, $1736 on 42,400 shares traded.
Evolution, $904 on 44,400 shares traded.
HPT, $569 on 28 contracts traded.
Misstrade, $42 on 1000 shares traded.
Denarii, $2 on 800 shares traded.

Well, it was a crazy freaking day if you stuck your toe in the waters today.

Everything basically got slammed but from the ashes of the market rose the VO. We all finished in the green.

I have smart Russell Rebalancing strategy to thank for my gains today. I was getting hit all day until my insurers started to move. Evolution is on a little streak which is nice to see after the rough patch he hit for awhile. He attributes his new found success to "taking profits" instead of looking for big trades. Sounds like scalping ET, don't tell Misstrade. HPT traded for 30 minutes and walked away with a nice gain for the weekend.

Misstrade and Denarii took it easy.

Have a great weekend everyone. Mine will be spent at like, 4 different children's birthday parties.

Free beer.


obat said...

Nice DT,

Been going through the VO numbers for the past weeks. I see everyone's been getting some action.

Looks like you gained a lot of experience this past few weeks.

Dinosaur Trader said...


If by "experience" you mean making money one day and then getting my ass handed to me the next, then yes, I've gained some "experience" this week.

It's been interesting. Hope you're having fun on your vacation. Looking forward to your steadying presence in the VO again!