Monday, June 18, 2007

An Experiment, Part 1

My daily post today will be different from daily posts in the past.

One thing isn't different, I lost money again.

Here are the stocks I traded today, in alphabetical order, with my P&L total for each.

AB, -$31.58
AGU, -$130.39
AIT, -$23.24
AMR, -$165.91
ARD, -$3.18
BBY, -$186.41
CF, $81.07
CNH, -$188.74
GWW, -$54.39
HXM, -$117.56
KMT, -$27.51
LNN, $76.65
LVS, -$40.46
MON, -$79.88
MOS, 129.67
SJW, -$119.40
TNH, -$271.45
VNO, $131.11
UBB, -$182.81

total (net) P&L, -$1155

Here's the same list. However, this time I just calculated what I would have made in the stock had I stuck with my initial purchase (or sell) and held until the closing price.

AB, $54
AGU, $55
AIT, -$48
AMR, -$290
ARD, $489
BBY, $39
CF, $21
CNH, -$632
GWW, -$215
HXM, $0
KMT, $45
LNN, $59
LVS, -$354
MON, -$35
MOS, $140
SJW, -$13
TNH, $1350
UBB, -$192
VNO, $525

total (gross) P&L, $998

As you can see, had I just made the initial trade, and then held all day, I would have made money today. Of course, I don't think anyone really trades like that. And the results are a little skewed by the volatility of TNH. But even if I took out my big winner and big loser, I'd still be up.

Since this post has the potential to be very long (and I'm short on time right now) I'm going to break it into a couple of parts. Expect more later this evening.


wincity said...

I'm surprised that you lost money on TNH. I thought it moved the way you used to trade.

Now it went over your price target. What a great stock.

MIsstrade said...

Swing Trade my boy, swing trade.

Dinosaur Trader said...


Yeah, I wasn't watching it as closely as I normally do. At one point, 300 shares were hanging out at 113.95 and I thought about taking them just before the run up but I thought too long and they were gone.


Dinosaur Trader said...


Maybe I'd give it a shot if I saw it working for you... :)