Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Choppy Action, Misbehaving Cats

I was very disciplined this morning and didn't get too involved in the chop. However, just when I was going to step away for lunch I made a boneheaded trade and took a hit. I'm waiting the Beige Book data at 2 to make more moves. My win/loss ratio today is disgusting.

Anyway, we went away last weekend. Our friend watched our 3 cats for us. Upon our return, we were greeted with the acrid odor of cat urine in our kitchen. However, the litterboxes are hidden deep in the abyss that is our basement...

We hoped it was just one of our cats signaling its disapproval with us leaving for the weekend. However, the next day there was a fresh pool of urine in the kitchen. A new crisis in the household had begun.

We singled out the guilty party yesterday in mid-squat and locked him in the downstairs bathroom with his litter box. We told him that until he learned how to use the litter box that he wouldn't be allowed to leave the room. A look of fear crept across the face of our daughter, who has been doing well with her potty-training but isn't perfect yet. She was scared, yet equally fascinated. Would we lock her in the bathroom if she had another accident?

All last night, our cat wailed from the bathroom. This morning we woke and the other two cats were sleeping next to the bathroom door in a show of support. Hours later, I walked downstairs and found a new puddle of piss... we are now facing a cat insurgency.

I'm not sure how this will all pan out, but we just spent $50 on different "enzyme" activating cleaners to rid our kitchen of the smell and hopefully prevent another "attack".

We never counted on this cat solidarity movement that has gripped our household since Sunday evening. The vibe here is thick. And with me losing money today, many threats have been made in the direction of the cats. They blink at me slowly seemingly unmoved by my rants.

Meanwhile, my daughter has not had an "accident" since Sunday.



Noisy said...

I don't have cats, but congrats to you daughter. My little girl turns one next month, so I have a while until I deal with that, but I know it's a big deal.

Dinosaur Trader said...


Hey, congratulations on becoming a Dad! It's the best, something I never thought I'd say before I had a kid.

You trade full time? Has fatherhood effected you?


Noisy said...

Nah - I just dabble part time in the market - Probably less than ten trades a month. I work third shift, so I'm usually asleep most of the hours the market is open. Even if I was awake, I don't think I have the stomach to day trade. :)

I'm pretty new to this anyway, just trying read and learn as much as I can - that's how I stumbled across your blog. Your trading drew me in, you writing style and musical tastes made me stick around.

Being a dad is truly the greatest thing ever. She amazes me on a daily basis!

Dinosaur Trader said...



I hope you can learn something here. I think I'm making a very slow transition into making more swing trades, so for me it's a time of learning as well. Meanwhile, I don't really have the stomach for daytrading anymore either!

Thanks for the support, Noisy. I always look forward to your comments,