Friday, May 25, 2007

The Democrats Suck Too

Depressing going into the weekend like this but it can't be denied. Our country is without leadership.

Hopefully, sometime within the next 18 months a leader will emerge (perfect time a third party candidate to step up) otherwise it's gonna be hard to find someone to vote for.

I think Olbermann should tone it down a bit, but I agree with all of his points.


mOOm said...

Yes, that level of rhetoric will only turn people off from even thinking about changing their minds on the issues. I keep thinking listening to that guy that he has a "holier than thou" attitude and wondering what failures he's been involved in in his life. Gore might still run and the other prospect is Bloomberg. Guiliani seemed the least bad Republican but as he is now coming across even more "security" obsessed than Bush maybe they are all as bad as each other apart from Ron Paul, but he is just way to extreme. If I got to vote in the US it would be Richardson at this point still.

Anonymous said...

I agree with ya moom. I liked Olbermann better back when he did Sportscenter before he started preaching.

Dinosaur Trader said...

Yeah, like I said in the post, he should tone it down. That said, I think there are a lot of people who are as angry about the way things are right now as he comes across... he speaks to them.

I don't think he's changing opinions, he's more a preaching to the choir type newscaster.

It is at least interesting to hear a primetime television newscaster being critical about the way things are going.


Anonymous said...

he's just o'reilly's foil. put both of them in a room for a thunderdome. im a moderate and have little use for either, but i do have to admit o'reilly would crush olberman 1-1 verbally.