Sunday, May 6, 2007


I was surfing around the net this evening and came upon a new blog called Market Dharma. On it, was posted a movie trailer for a movie about the coffee industry. Great idea! I post a weekly music video, why not post a weekly movie trailer as well?

So from now on Sundays are movie trailer day at Dinosaur Trader. And, since I'll post the trailer on Sunday, it gives you plenty of time to order it on Netflix and have it in time for next weekend. What could be better?

Thanks for the idea, traderd!

People always ask, the "desert island" question in regards to music. What album would you bring? Well, I know what movie I would bring, Baraka, by Ron Fricke.

There was no real "trailer" on Youtube, but I found this, where someone took scenes from the movie and put them to a song by the band Tool. This "trailer" while interesting, does the movie no justice. If it seems at all interesting to you or if there's an image you think about for the rest of the day, rent or buy Baraka. You won't be disappointed, it's like nothing you've ever seen.

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