Saturday, April 28, 2007

Weekend Walk

Here is a little collection of stuff for your weekend viewing pleasure. Again, if you are looking for trading articles, go check the NYSE Scalper's blog. He does a great job collecting articles on trading through the week and then posting them on the weekend so you can review them. Okay, here goes!

Miss Bill Moyer's documentary Buying the War? Tsk. Tsk... see it here.

No Impact Man with an excellent post. Is Environmentalism the new religion?

Media Matters does a superb job of critiquing the media. Non-partisan, check it out.

I love this band called The Books. They're really interesting if you like "headphone music". Lots of textures. The site is worth checking out, you can listen to all of their stuff for free. I suggest listening to "The Lemon Of Pink" first.

Project Vote Smart. Non-partisan ass-kickers.

Drink beer? I thought so. How about organic beer?

Did you watch Jon Stewart eviscerate John McCain this week. Check it out.

Spring is here and with spring comes bugs. Deal with it. Pesticides will give you cancer and kill birds. Have kids? Think the pesticides break down like the nice pesticide man tells you? Nope, they're there on the grass and when your kids play on the grass, they'll get on your kids. Why give your kids cancer?

Birding hotspots in the US. You probably live near one. Get out this weekend and enjoy nature.

Hate dogs? I really don't. But if you let your dog bark outside all night long, I may hate you.

Hate cats? I love cats, but some of these comics are funny.

Okay, now GET OUTSIDE!

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