Saturday, April 21, 2007

Weekend Walk

No post for yesterday, my apologies. We had a night out last night (thanks to the grandparents) and we stayed out much later than expected.

Here are some interesting non-trading related links for you to peruse. But really, who's inside today? Spring has finally arrived.

If you're looking for some trading links, check out the NYSE Scalper's site. He always has some good ones.

1. Do you watch the Daily Show or the Colbert report? If so, consider yourself a knowledgeable American.

2. If you missed the CNBC segment on the
mind of a trader, I suggest you check it out. We're actually a bunch of sensitive introspective guys! Who thought?

3. Check this out. This
blogger keeps an attitude index. I just calculated mine... for the year,
I'm -72...

The Conet Project. Creepy. Play audio from old "numbers stations". The way that spies used to and still communicate all over the world. Featured on the Wilco album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

I'll try to get a history post up late sometime tomorrow. Enjoy the day!


Duff said...

Attitude Index = -72? Ha!

While my site is currently non-trading related (and I assumed quite anonymous as it was initially intended for family-related stuff), I have a link to your blog because I love trading. It'll become more trading-related as I get back into it.

I've traded everything from my first Twentieth Century Ultra Fund trade (when it was still Twentieth Century - and where I got hooked on trading), to stocks, options, futures, index futures, spreads, etc, on and off for about 15 years or so. I even spent a weekend with Mark Douglas up in Chicago. But while I never really lost a lot, one thing or another (always excuses) has kept me from doing it for a living - one day...

So I started this Attitude Index thing to get my trading attitude back in line. It's a simplistic take-off of Joe Ross's (a la Ross Hooks, 1-2-3's, Traders Trick Entries, etc) "Life Index."

If I can get this stupid AI reading to break this current resistance level, maybe I'll be able to get successful with some things and back into trading! That's my intent anyway.

Thanks for providing an inspiring (to me) blog. I'll be back.


M.A.S said...

check out my daily P/L's
you'll be stunned...
cool blog..Cheers!

Dinosaur Trader said...


Thanks for the kind words. I love the attitude index. It really made me think... that -72 number was really only partly in jest. I'm working on becoming a kindler, gentler dinosaur, but I have a long way to go.

I read Mark Douglas's book the Disciplined Trader. Took me awhile to get through just because I found his writing style kind of bulky, but it was a great book.

When you start trading regularly again, you can join our VO!

Thanks for reading,


Dinosaur Trader said...


Thanks for checking in. I looked over for your #s but couldn't find them...


Duff said...

Thank you DT, I really appreciate the invitation. I had a fairly major event take place this weekend that catapulted me much farther toward trading again than I could have anticipated (thanks to working on a good attitude???). I may be taking you up on your invitation soon.

Thanks again for sharing.