Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Still Smoking?

Eh, the market is slow for me today... so let me share a paragraph I read last night from one of my favorite writers, Paul Theroux. It's from an "imaginary memoir" he wrote called "Lady Max" which appeared in the literary magazine Granta.

And her words were tainted by the dark whiff in her breath. She was a heavy smoker and I was sitting near. It was the odor of her lungs--not a rancid thing in her mouth, but deeper. It seemed especially odd and offensive because she was so lovely. She had stubbed out her cigarette, but she still smelled strongly of smoke, of black clammy London, of sooty air.
Anyway, speaking of smoke, I'm down again... -$398 here in the first hour. I'm out of all my positions and just watching. No disaster stocks, just not a single stock in the green right now (sigh).

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