Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Low-Volume, Broad-Based, Stock Market Rally

Well, a nice rally today even if it was on light holiday volume. So I guess I probably missed out some because I'm in non-aggressive, holiday-week, trading mode. Still, I had a good day that officially puts my account back into the green for the first time since my twin disaster days in early March.

My best trade of the day was in CF. In the morning the stock dipped below old resistance at 39 that seems to have become some new support. I picked some up around there and slowly unloaded the position all day. I had 4 other triple-digit winners which helped pad the profits and only 1 triple-digit loser.

P&L $1022
Best: CF $559
Worst: SQM -$109

Stocks traded: 13, 9 winners 4 losers
Total trades: 122
Volume: 22,800

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