Monday, April 9, 2007

Back Spasms

Well, it has been a long weekend here at the cave. I had big plans too. I was going to get some work done around the house. Update the blog... Instead, on Friday when I was working with my Dad, pulling wallpaper down in one of our bathrooms, my back, for no obvious reason, just went into painful back spasms.

They haven't really quit yet.

So, no "history" post, no updating of the blog... and I apologize. I just couldn't stand to sit at the computer, I spent most of my time laying down. By the way, back spasms are a concept that toddlers simply don't understand. And it's awful because they want you to play and do stuff but you just can't... makes it mentally as well as physically frustrating.

So anyway, it gave me an idea. Perhaps one of the reasons my back is in such poor shape is because I sit here at the comp all day, lurched over like a vulture searching for opportunities. My wife who is very much a yoga/movement person has been telling me for years to "get up and stretch" and stuff like that. So now, I see she is right.

Check out the clip below for easy ways to keep your back healthy even if confined to a chair all day!

Finally, do any of you have an excellent office chair to recommend? I have this crappy one that offers no back support whatsoever that I've been using for years. Time to trash it.


Anonymous said...

exercise ball for a chair, can always rotate every few hours w/ a regular chair- do situps and do bridge move every 15/30min- or after every losing trade. get a rodney yee power yoga dvd- 20mins. ive blown out my back 15x doing various sports- yoga is the best rememdy.

Dinosaur Trader said...


thanks for the advice.

I've seen those exercise balls in the gaiam catalogues... how do they work? you just are focused on sitting more "actively" instead of slumping, is that it?

i'm definitely going to get myself into a yoga routine again once i can move... hahahah!