Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Market trying to hold on...

Well, this morning, the crazy hybrid actually came to my rescue! I saw the futures getting stronger into the 9:30 open so decided to buy 400 POT at the open.

I was filled on the opening print of 12,400 shares at $154.92 200 shares later, the stock was trading over $156.50. Think about that. It took only 2000 shares, in 100 share lots mostly, to make the stock rip a point and a half. I sold all 400 shares into the "strength" over $156.50 and was happy with the profit. Of course, in subsequent trades in the stock, I lost about a quarter of what I made... but I'm not complaining.

What bothers me is that there was never any real buying interest in the stock. 2000 shares should just not move a stock so drastically. Because there was no buying interest and this was basically an artificial move caused by the thin and loose trading of the hybrid market the stock has since declined. It's now off over 2 points on the day trading near 153. If you were a "ma and pop" investor trying to buy this stock today you were simply done a disservice by the hybrid system. In the old trading world, 2000 shares at the open would have been eaten up and I doubt the stock would have ever seen $155.5.

Please feel free to comment on any crazy things you witness that are due to the wild fluctuations of the hybrid market. I'm really just trying to find my footing here in this new marketplace and would love to hear about any strategies that any of you are employing successfully.

Good hybridizing.

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