Monday, March 26, 2007

A damn shame...

Well, as noted in my intraday post, I really managed to screw up an otherwise decent day with my poor trades in FED. I need to talk to One Bad Trade... perhaps we should switch domain names...

Here's where I ended:

Net: $138

Best stock: IPS $298
Worst stock: FED -$548

My second worst stock was -$48. I had 4 winners for over $100. So really, if I could just erase the stupidity of FED I had a decent day. I can't erase that stupidity...

Hopefully, I can at least learn from it.

The silver lining for me today is that I had some decent success with limit orders. Normally, I trade at market. However, the hybrid market makes this a very sketchy proposition so I've been experimenting with limits.

Another positive sign for me was that I traded a lot. I made nearly 300 trades. It's important that I get involved in the market before the beginning of earnings season.

I'll have another "history" post up before the open tomorrow.

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