Friday, March 9, 2007

4:13pm EST

Weekly stats:

Monday: $756.36

Best stock: HRT $800
Worst stock: BLK -$672
26 stocks traded: 16 positive, 10 negative

Tuesday: -4031.05

Best stock: AB $820
Worst stock: SPY -$1750
23 stocks traded: 7 positive, 16 negative

Wednesday: -4081.79

Best stock: HRT $659
Worst stock: POT -$1533
19 stocks traded: 6 positive, 13 negative

Thursday: -0.078
Best stock: CFC $148
Worst stock: SPY -$156
7 stocks traded: 3 positive, 4 negative

Friday: $79
Best stock: TNH $395
Worst stock: SPY -$252
13 stocks traded: 5 positive, 8 negative

Total P&L for the week: -$7277.55

Perhaps my worst week ever as a trader. Lowlights included being reigned in by the Risk Managers at my company and nearly losing all of my capital.

In short, seemed like a great time to start this blog. I already learned something just by looking at these stats. I should not fight the market. I was trading the SPY all week and losing because I was bearish and the market was rallying. It doesn't matter if those rallies were coming on no volume they were rallies nonetheless and I shouldn't have been shorting them.

I plan on doing some reading this weekend to get my head straight. When I've slumped in the past it has helped me to read books on trading. I'll report any special wisdom to the blog this weekend.

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